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Hmm, I don't really know how to start this off. Dear Diary sounds too overused and clichéd and Dear Blog sounds ridiculous. Besides, it's not a diary. This is out here on the Interwebs for every soul to see. I guess I should start by introducing myself. 

I've never been one to keep a diary anyway. My hand always get covered in ink and cramps up like Voldemort is casting the Cruciatus Curse on my hand. Yeah, I made a Potter reference, whaddaya gonna do about it? *Winks

I'm Patronusmagic, from a little Island that we like to call the United Kingdom, specifically England. I say like to call but that's what it is called. I love to read and am an aspiring author but I won't bore you with the mundane details of my everyday life.

I am clumsy. Perhaps irrevocably so. I always have been and always will be. It is not a normal day if I'm not tripping over something or knocking things over. Well, I can't think of what to say and my stomach is forcibly reminding me to eat or it will growl loudly in a quiet but crowded room.

From England, With Love x

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